About Us

The team

Left to right: Lucheveleri Sore, Owen Murunga, and Joseph C. Nduati.

The three of us, in collaboration with Bukura Agricultural College, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute and non-governmental institutions, have the capacity to empower the community economically; but the burden of unemployment, lack of funds and non-committal to biotechnology methods of improving agriculture in the country as a whole, has led to poor yields in cash crops, food insecurity and depletion of the environment and ozone layer through the introduction of toxic substances to the terrestrial and marine habitats.

With the expansion and appropriate technologies involved in biotechnology, we want to work towards the modernization of science and an overall improvement in the economy of the world, not to mention food security.

Contact individual members of the team:

Owen Murunga owen.witende AT yahoo.com

Lucheveleri Sore luchevelerisore AT yahoo.com

Joseph Chegeh josephchegeh AT yahoo.com

(Replace ‘AT’ with the ‘@’ symbol)


3 Responses

  1. Hebu pitia hii?

    • Thank you guys for this innovation am a Ugandan and would like to share with you the ideas on mushroom growing,how to make spawn,marketing strategies.
      Thank you

  2. i will offer my resources
    and farm and also my managerial skills for this men its awesome just put me posted

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