Grants, funding and fellowships relating to African agriculture

I hope you’ve noticed that FARA has a page on grants, funding and fellowships relating to Africa, centred on agriculture, but extending to horticulture, climate change and related field.

The Forum for Agricultural research in Africa (FARA) is an apex organization, bringing together and forming coalitions of major stakeholders in agricultural research and development in Africa.


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  1. Am a lady aged 30.
    Have one acre piece of land at kikopey area in gilgil which is sort of semiarid. Due to water challenges the land has remain undeveloped.
    My aim is to do modern commercial agriculture.
    In access to funds or grunts I will install modern irrigation in conjunction with green houses to tame harsh weather conditions.
    Hope someone somewhere comes in to help me realize my dreams.

    • There is a free course on irrigation techniques available at allversity: With the rain this week, it can be hard for some people to imagine lacking water later in the year. has a wealth of information about irrigation: You may be interested in looking through the parts relating to water storage and rainwater harvesting. In terms of getting the stored water to plants, you might look at the drip-irrigation information.
      Greenhouses can be built from empty plastic bottles, just type ‘bottle greenhouse’ into Google for endless designs. is full of ideas, just search for ‘greenhouse’. Of course greenhouses don’t have to be tall enough to walk into, they can be as small as cloches, protecting just a row of plants.
      Starting on a small area could mean not having to chase grants and funding, and give a chance to find out what will be needed from practical experience. Good luck with the acre.
      (I would have suggested, but they work over in Western)

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