Organic Sack Gardening, Waste and Urban Livestock

The latest edition of New Agriculturist (2013-3) is now online at Urban agriculture, for years outlawed by municipal authorities, offers solutions to numerous urban problems, including poverty, food and nutrition insecurity, unemployment and waste management.

Here are some suggestions to dip into first.

Organic sack gardening in Bangladesh
In Bangladesh, 500 people with limited access to land are supplementing their food and income by growing vegetables in sacks. In addition to enabling families to consume vegetables more regularly, sack gardening has also empowered women, who most often organise and take care of the gardens.  read article

Transforming waste and wasteland in Dakar
In Dakar, Senegal, micro-gardening projects are re-greening urban spaces previously lost to rubbish dumping and car parks. New waste collection and sorting practices have reduced pollution and provided raw material for compost making. read article

And closer to home, Livestock in the city: separating fact from fiction
In the absence of evidence, policies are often based on the prejudice that urban livestock keeping is unsafe (credit: © Kate Holt/Internews Network)In 2005, a study was initiated by the University of Nairobi and ILRI to understand the risks and benefits of urban dairying, to contribute to pro-poor policy and create good practice guidelines for risk reduction. The study revealed some surprising results. read article


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