Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Production – Independent Smallholders and Group Certification

RSPO is inviting your comments on the three documents below. These documents are designed to establish the process by which independent smallholders, organised as groups, can achieve certification as producers of sustainably produced fresh fruit bunches to RSPO Principles and Criteria:

* RSPO Standard for Group Certification
* RSPO Accreditation and Certification Requirements for Group Certification
* RSPO Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Palm Oil Production: Guidance for Independent Smallholders under Group Certification

RSPO P&C Guidance for Independent Smallholders consultation draft.doc 185.5 KB
RSPO Standard for Group Certification consultation draft.doc 689 KB
RSPO Accreditation and Certifcation Requirements for Groups consultation draft.doc 267.5 KB

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