Agricultural biotechnologies in developing countries – Learning from the past

The background document to the FAO e-mail conference entitled “Learning from the past: Successes and failures with agricultural biotechnologies in developing countries over the last 20 years” is now available.

The biggest part of the 16-page document provides an overview of the main kinds of agricultural biotechnologies that have been used in the crop, forestry, livestock, fishery and agro-industry sectors in developing countries in the past and that should be covered in the e-mail conference. See or contact to request a copy. The moderated e-mail conference is open to everyone and runs from 8 June to 5 July 2009. It is hosted by the FAO Biotechnology Forum and is being held as part of the build up to the FAO international technical conference on Agricultural Biotechnologies in Developing Countries (ABDC-09). To join the Forum (and also register for the conference), send an e-mail to and enter the following text on two separate lines: subscribe BIOTECH-L subscribe biotech-room4 Forum members wishing to register for the conference should leave out the first line of the above message. For more information, contact


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  1. Great information 🙂

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